Welcome to Fad Free Nutrition. These days a lot of information about nutrition is easily available, however it can be difficult to decipher between fact and the latest fad, which can lead to mixed messages.  People can become confused about what is best for their body.  This site is dedicated to translating information from the news, social media and other sources and turning it into easily understandable and digestable facts.


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My name is Emma, I am a registered dietitian and registered with the Health Care and Professionals Council (HCPC).  I have honours degrees in both Human Nutrition and Human Nutrition & Dietetics.  I am hugely passionate about nutrition, science, and healthcare.

I have 5 years qualified NHS experience.  I spent a year as a community dietitian seeing patients in clinics, community hospitals and residential homes, care homes and nursing homes. A lot of this work involved nutrition support, gastroenterology (IBS, IBD, allergies & coeliac disease), healthy eating and diabetes.  I then became an acute dietitian working within the areas of neurology and stroke.  I later specialised in this area and took on caseloads in neuro-rehabiltation and a motor neurone disease.  I enjoyed the area of neurosciences greatly because nutrition was integral to every patients’ rehab.  Often these patients required artificial nutrition via feeding tubes on admission before starting to eat and drink orally with the help of texture modification diet and the use of nutritional supplements.  Currently I specialise in nutrition support and as such cover intensive care wards at several hospitals and see many patients for artifical nutrition (enteral or parenteral) and those with complex oral nutrition needs.  I am extremely lucky to love my work.

My specialist interests include artificial nutrition, critical care and neuroscience.  I have coeliac disease and as such have a specialist interest in this area and particularly the gluten free diet.  I am passionate about nutrition and am proud about how much media attention it gets.  However, it can be frustrating when the information that is broadcast is inaccurate.  The aim of this blog is to decipher between fact and fiction.